What is a park home or Lodge?

It is a single-storey residential property of timber-frame construction, built in a factory and delivered to a park of the resident's choice and sited on a plot. In law, a park home or lodge  is classed as "a caravan" and known as a Mobile Home although it more closely resembles a bungalow. Park homes and lodges are supplied fully furnished and decorated: floor covering and curtains or blinds in all rooms and papered, emulsioned or tiled walls; lounge suite, fireplace, storage units; dining table and chairs; fully fitted kitchen, usually with integrated appliances; fully fitted bathroom (some homes have an en suite shower or bathroom to the master bedroom); two (sometimes three) bedrooms with bed, wardrobes and storage units. Unfurnished homes can be supplied if preferred.

What is a park?

It is a privately-owned estate (some small with as few as six homes and others much larger with several hundred). Homes are laid out on spacious plots and residents enjoy an independent lifestyle. Rent is paid to the park owner for the land on which the home is sited. Most homes are connected to all mains services electricity, water, gas, telephone and sewerage. Not all parks, though, have mains gas connections, but these usually have access to a liquefied petroleum gas supply either piped from a central source, or through individual tanks or cylinders in their gardens.

How big are park homes and lodges?

The maximum size that can be sited on a licensed park is about 65ft long and 23ft wide, with the overall height of the living accommodation being 10ft. Most homes are made up of two halves joined together, and these are known as twin units.  Smaller homes which can be 10ft, 12ft or 14ft wide and built as one unit are also available.

Are park homes and lodges energy-efficient?

Park homes and lodges are very well-insulated and all manufacturers are constantly looking at materials and systems to ensure maximum eco-friendliness on residential sites this homes are built to BS3632.

How long will a park home or Lodge last?

There are currently park homes and Lodges which were built in the 1960s still providing comfortable and secure living standards. Materials currently used in manufactured should have a far longer life. Most homes are now offered with a 10-year insurance-backed structural warranty.

Are park homes and Lodges easy to look after?

Almost all park homes are on one level. Window and door frames are in uPVC which requires an occasional wipe-down. Some exteriors are finished in roughcast paint and this may need re-coating about every three years; others have uPVC or similar very low maintenance products on the outside. 

How much does a park home cost?

Sited prices of new homes start at around £100,000 or bespoke homes can cost in excess of £200,000.

Are there other costs?

Rent for the land on which the home is sited is payable to the site owner, usually monthly. This charge varies depending on the location, size of plot and facilities on the park.
Residents pay their own gas, electricity, water and sewerage charges. Council tax is charged, too, with most homes falling within the two lowest bands.

Are there legal matters I should be aware of?

Park homes & Lodges on Residential Parks come under the Mobile Homes Act legislation. Residents enter into a "written agreement" with the park owner which sets out the rights and obligations of residents and park owners. These guarantee security of tenure for life for residents, subject to certain conditions.

Park Homes & Lodges on Holiday sites do not have the same security and you may be restricted on the length of time you can use the home, however a reputable company will give you agreements also known as licences for how long you may keep the home on the site which gives you security for that length of time, these homes regardless of weather a Park Home or Lodge become Holiday homes.

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